'Midnight Roundelay' by D. Strombeck -

'Midnight Roundelay' by D. Strombeck -

I have a short story idea in the queue waiting for its turn to be given flesh and soul. It’s has to do with the alarming number of cats in our neighborhood.

I hear them outside now. It’s 3-WTF-something in the morning. I wish they sounded as lovely as these cats look. Unfortunately, instead of spats and straw hats, I have a feeling they’re engaging in rabbit kicks and noogies, while yowling as if a buffalo were trodding across their tails repeatedly.

Ah, the sounds of Spring. I may have to go out and get the hose.  Either that, or wait until tomorrow afternoon when they’re all drowsing in the afternoon sun and exact my revenge with my automatic umbrella.  Heh-heh.  That’s always fun.

(Postscript: I have an admission: we own — as much as one can own an outdoor cat — three of the cats, at least one of which is undoubtedly engaging in this morning’s raucous gang behavior. But in our defense, they were the result of a neighbor’s cat repeatedly gifting us with kittens. Once those kittens started having kittens, I screamed, “Uncle!” and took them down to the vet and had them fixed. So I guess they’re mine. Whee.)

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  1. Davis says:

    or, you could adopt them (JK)

  2. linneawrites says:

    Yay, a fellow traveler! Let’s write some novels.

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