For hard drive back-ups, I have an external hard drive; but for daily back-ups, I use the sexy little PNY 4GB Micro Swivel Attache Flash Drive, available for under $20.

Have you ever heard this before:  “There are two types of computer users:  those who have lost data, and those who will.”?*

Seems to me like almost all of the world’s computer users fall in the former category, but ladies and germs, fellow professional gonnabes, we don’t have to be a part of the latter category.

Don’t worry.  This isn’t going to be some boring how-to followed by a bullet-point listing of all the different data storage options you have available to use.

This is called tough love.


This is serious.  Failure in this regard never results in a simple slap on the wrist.  Oh, no.  More than likely, you’ll get your neck whipped back from a backhand bitch slap into data recovery hell.  You don’t want to go there.  You don’t have to go there.  And in this day and age of SD cards, CD burners, DVD burners, online storage, email, external hard drives, and flash drives, you have no excuse to go there.

So… if you end up there — and I say this with love — don’t come crying to me.  Put on your Big Girl Panties and start backing it up!


* Don’t you just want to pinch the head off of whoever coin-snarked that lovely gem?

** This has been a public service announcement sponsored by the Writers Against data recovery Hell, or WAH for short.

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