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I discovered Tobias Buckell a few years ago when I did a search on how much fantasy and science fiction writers make.  (Author Advance Survey 2.0.) At the time, he was excitedly awaiting the publication of his first novel “Crystal Rain.” I immediately dove into the archives of his blog to read from the beginning about his journey to becoming a first-time published novelist.

Since then, I have had the pleasure of watching Tobias’s career grow and blossom as he has gained momentum and notoriety as a writer.  He has been generous in sharing his experiences, both professional and personal, and he is a major inspiration for the direction my own blog has taken.

Recently, he has collected all of his writerly goodness in one place.  He describes it as follows:

“It’s All Just a Draft is a draft of a book on writing, collected from blog posts and other miscellany around TobiasBuckell.com. It’s as much a brief biography as anything else, and hopefully less lecture-y. It’s a response to requests to link to all my writing related posts, or frequent questions I get about writing.”

Check it out.  He’s got a lot of great stuff in there, and he’s a wonderful writer to boot.

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