After musing out loud the other day how I wouldn’t mind a meaty bit of deposition work fall my way, a two-day gig has fallen right in my lap, which means snack money.  Yay!  I like snacks.  So for those of you who are following the “Blog Overhaul” melodrama, this means I will most likely resume that on Monday.

Why Monday, you ask?  Because I’ll be playing career woman the next two days (while trying to finish my story for the writer’s group), Sunday is my writer’s group meeting, and Saturday night I will be embarrassing relatives at Diabolical Mechanism, hosted by Pirate Bubblegum Collective Art Show.

My amazingly talented brother, Jon McConnell, will be exhibiting some awesome paintings, as well as his wonderful girlfriend Amanda Ellison.

Also, I get to see my “little” cousin, hip hop artist Italix, perform for the first time!  (My first time, not his.)  Yeee!  (Could this be why he’s been a little shy to invite family to his shows?  Nah.)

So if you live in the L.A. area and are looking for something cool to do this weekend, check it out!

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