With the exception of Tanith Lee’s enjoyable “Black Fire,” a story told through excerpts of witness interviews, this week turned out to be Flash Fiction Week…which was fine with me.  Lots of good stories out there available in tasty, bite-sized pieces.  Brain Harvest and Every Day Fiction are new to me, discovered through comments at Write1Sub1, and both are great markets dedicated to that strange-beautiful, miniaturized literary animal we call “Flash.”

So without further adieu, I give you this week’s short stories read in chronological order.  Good stuff.  Please to enjoy.

10.  “In the Deep Deep Sea There is an Even Deeper Susurrus” by Ben Godby (Brain Harvest)

11.  “Serapis” by Fritz Swanson (Brain Harvest)

12.  “Today’s Fish is a Very Fine Fish” by Nancy Stebbins (Brain Harvest)

13.  “Flowers, Secrets” by Kristine Ong Muslim (Every Day Fiction)

14.  “The Last Station” by JR Hume (Every Day Fiction)

15.  “Snowman” by Shaun Simon (Every Day Fiction)

16.  “Black Fire” by Tanith Lee (Lightspeed Magazine)

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  1. Ben Godby says:

    Hey, I just noticed this. Thanks for the mention!

  2. mybluescreen says:

    Oh, you’re welcome…I enjoyed reading your story. And congrats on the sale to Weird Tales. Excellent score. Can’t wait to read it! 🙂

  3. Hello, Angela. Thank you for the mention. 🙂

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