*     *     *

When I sail the dark and stormy night on a ship I cannot name,

You mark it on the map.

When I wander lost in strange countries,

You cast yourself down like breadcrumbs.

When I fall fighting the demons,

You throw yourself between.

When I hit boulders in the trail,

You heave me over.

When I run into someone whose name I can’t remember,

You step in.

When I make promises I’m likely to forget,

You remind me gently.

When I am ineloquent, you forgive me.

When I am not being true, you give me a second chance.

Past bogs of home-made taffy and everyday sirens,

You see me safely to the end,

For you are my bridge over muddy waters,

Trail of lanterns across moonless landscapes,

Stepping stones across rivers wild.

Like black snowflakes falling on white,

To star in typographical constellations,

Understated and elegant,

Beautiful first draft companion,

Amazing, wonderful asterisk.

~ by Angela McConnell ~

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6 Responses to A L*VE POEM

  1. OMG!
    I’m sitting there thinking how sweet Fat Cat is, but also a little confused (Fat Cat casts himself as bread crumbs…hmm) and then you hit me with with an…asterisk?!!! One word: BRILLIANT. So then, of course, I had to re-read, with this new realization that I was practically smacked with lol. A whole new appreciation to love letters hahaha.
    (I L*VE IT!)

  2. apparentbook says:

    “Like black snowflakes falling on white,
    To star in typographical constellations,”

    Heehee….I love it.

  3. FatCat says:

    Very Clever.

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